Which BV bag will fit these criteria?

  1. I'm surfing the forum via my cell so the format is going to look a little strange. Anyway, i was hoping that the BV experts can give me some input for my next bag. I'm looking for a bag with the following characteristics:

    Structured look
    A handheld bag
    Dressier-looking (I'm not a casual bag person)
    Not a clutch
    Not a tote or hobo
    About the size of a Birkin 30

    When I asked BV.'s personal shopper about a bag with those criteria, she suggested the Montaigne. Besides that style, what other ones will work? TIA.
  2. [​IMG]
    The Roma bag (chevre leather 2150 euros) (also seen here BOTTEGA VENETA page 6)
    The Cocker
    The Accordion
    (page 20-21 of the catalog)

    I cannot wait to see the pic of your new Montaigne!!!!
  3. Here are a few to consider:

    I also recommend you visit a couple of BV stores if you can. I always find beautiful bags in the stores that I haven't seen online.
  4. These are structured, dressier and hand held:

    The first 2 are the Boboli frame bag-I couldn't find other pictures, but it comes in other leathers/details-not just these. (It's about 11" x 10" ) The 3rd picture is the Vacao bag shown in white. The 4th is the biscotti frame bag.
    bottega_4.jpg BVArgillaPeltroVelvetBoboli.jpg PAAAAAPDPLCBEGEI.jpg biscotto_farnese_bag.jpg
  5. Ooooh! I'm sooo doomed~ I want all of these bags~ Great, now I have three purse addictions: Hermes, BV, and Goyard ...

    Do you know if the boutique has a book that shows all the styles available? I've been to my boutique but it doesn't showcase all the bags available. Chanes are, what I want will probably end up being a special order anyway. I'm also very partial the the poudre croc they have out this season, it's a very gorgeous shade of pale pink.

    By the way, would you ladies say that the Montaigne fit the criteria I mentioned?
  6. On the website there is a catalogue and my boutique gave me a paper version of this catalogue. In the last pages are the names of the bags and their prices... :supacool: The hardest part is choosing which one to get!
  7. Totally :yes:
  8. The size may not be right, but here's another structured handbag (sorry, I didn't do the link correctly). It's in the handbag section, the Palermo--a gray (oldpetra) woven (but different--an open weave look) bag with 2 handles and a pocket on the front. I apologize for this awkward post!
  9. Thank you, boudoir. If I live to be 1000, I'll never totally figure out links and posting photos. :sad:
  10. OMG!! The Palermo!!! I've seen it in purple before from a few seasons back, I love that design~~ Hmmm ... do you think it'll look better in Magnolia or Quarzo? I did a comparison amongst BV's Quarzo with Hermes' Fuchsia and Rose Shocking, Quarzo's shade of pink is definitely more muted than Fuchsia and Rose Shocking.