Which BV as a first bag?

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  1. Hi, I am new here - recently discovered Bottega Veneta having been into LV for some years and I am in love with the subtlety, quality and craftsmanship. I have a dilemma though - I have two bags which I purchased pre-loved but I can only keep one. They are both the classic Veneta in large - the first is a large Veneta in a magenta/raspberry/pink (which I think is Orchid) in mint condition and the other is a fairly well worn large Veneta in Old Ebano....which would you keep and why? I cannot decide!! I love both! Thanks for any advice.
  2. Do you love one color more than the other? Which one would you use most often? To begin with, perhaps that ebano neutral would be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you're ready for a bright color, then perhaps the orchid would be best. It's a very personal decision....

    If you're like the rest of us here, this may be your first BV, but it is unlikely to be your last. BV bags will seduce you with their quality and elegance. Welcome to the club! :yes:
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  5. Thank you! I really want a classic color but I know that I would use Nero more than Ebano. The orchid is beautiful but i am worried it might be limiting. I do love Ebano though and it's discontinued isn't it? I know that this is going to get expensive! ;)
  6. Take your time. Ebano, although discontinued, was made for a long time. You should be able to find bags in both nero and ebano on the resale market without too much trouble. Colors only made for one season can be more difficult to locate, for obvious reasons.
  7. I recently found a large nero veneta on eBay in excellent condition for a crazy price! If nero is truly what you want, just wait, one will come along. Don't settle.

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  8. Thank you! Yes, that makes a lot of sense. Perhaps I should keep the pink one then... it's very beautiful. x
  9. Oh wow congratulations, I can't seem to find Nero anywhere! I saw a girl at the airport in January wearing a large Veneta in nero and it just looked so subtle and elegant. Yes, good advice, thank you. x
  10. Orchid is a beautiful color. If you found one in good condition, I'd pick that. I'm a bit late to the game. What'd you decide?

  11. Hi, I am not 100% certain it is Orchid. It looks most like Orchid when I check online. But you are all correct - I can try and find a Nero or Ebano later. It is such a beautiful colour and I may not see it again. The colour code seems to be 5200 or 5204 - can't quite see in the photos. Thank you for all your advice! xx
  12. Because the weather is changing, I think I'd go for the pop of color.

    It sounds very fresh & wearable.

    Nero & ebano can be found on the secondary market & because this
    color is in top notch condition, I'd be inclined to choose that bag

  13. I agree on the pop of color. Seasonal colors are harder to find. Nero and ebano are always available on the secondary market.
  14. Thank you! That is what I chose. :smile:
  15. Thank you Mousse, yes I decided to go for the Orchid color. Should arrive today - very excited!