Which burgundy do you like better?

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  1. As you can see from my last few threads, I have a tough time making a decision, LOL :yes:

    Can you tell me which burgundy do you like better - the '07 reissue or the pre-fall patent (pic courtesy of another pf'er).

    I feel like the 227 reissue is a little too small for me. Is the pre-fall patent roomy???

    Thanks all! :tup::heart:


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  2. Love that patent.
  3. hmm... I guess it depends on your taste. Personally, I love the distressed look in the reissue - this burgundy has a lot of depth in its colour which I love!
  4. That's a picture of the 06' reissue..... and that one gets my vote.
  5. I have the patent... but I :heart: the re-issue!!
  6. 06 reissue, hands down. but if it's too small then you have to go with the bag that suits you.
  7. I say go for the patent. I can't help you with the size though. Mine is a medium. I :heart: the color & texture of it. :heart: It's beautiful!!!:love: IMO.
  8. I have the 227 black reissue and had the pre-fall patent bordeaux in my hands (although only for a short while). In terms of size, (my opinion) the patent flap is slightly smaller than the reissue, but as there is a single flap only, the space inside is about the same. If you think the 227 is too small for you, I think the patent will be the same.
    Between the two, I love the patent more. Good luck deciding, either way, you can't go wrong.
  9. I love that reissue though the patent is also gorgeous! (I am getting mine in today!!!)
    I know what you mean about the 227 being small. I love my 227 reissue from this year but I believe it's 1-1.5 inches deeper than the older reissues (which is why I am letting my 50th anniv reissue go after lots of searching:sad:). I will report on the patent as soon as I get mine:smile:
  10. Hmm....i thought 227 is consider a practical size since it's actually the classic jumbo size. If u find it's too small, then i guess u will have to go up one size that is size 228. I like the patent burgandy but if u find it's too small for ur use, i think size 227 is almost similar size than the jumbo.
  11. I like the reissue better. I think it has to be a personal preference. I do think the patent has a more classic look to it though.
  12. Love the patent! Colors are more vibrant and fresh.
  13. oh,..i don't think I can help here....as I like them both.:love: It's really hard to compare them both, each has its own uniqness. 07 red reissue is a collector's item I guess...so if you can keep it.....please keep it. :yes: On the other side, the patent's color is sooo vibrant,...so it's really hard to make a decision for me. If I can have them both, I will do that. But if I have to choose only one, I'll keep the 07 red reissue. I love reissue's model. The new classic jumbo has the flap that resembles a sad face which I don't like. (I prefer vintage jumbo)
  14. I love patent, but the reissue is gorgy too. I'm hopeless!
  15. i :heart: the reissue!