Which Burberry to get?

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  1. Hi, I am having difficulty deciding. I want this same bag in TWO DIFFERENT COLORS! lol..I know im crazy but they both look delicious to me. Please help me decide because I found an alternative for one of the colors.

    I want the Cherry and Turmeric (Yellow) color for the briefcase but i found an alternative from this season's Prorsum line which is the big yellow bag. Do you think I should get the same bag in two colors or the cherry for the briefcase and the prorsum bag for the yellow color? PLEASE HEKP!
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  2. Get the cherry briefcase and the prosum bag in yellow. Gives you a variety rather than multiples of the same bag. :smile:
  3. Yeah. I was thinking about that. I'm targeting the prorsum when it goes on sale lol...:smile:
  4. Thanks!:smile:
  5. the first one
  6. THanks...Ill put it on my list.:smile:
  7. Your a shopping fool lol

    Red one is a great pop of color
  8. The red bag is amazing and will add a great pop of color to your neutral outfits.. and it's a great holiday bag. Good luck! :smile:
  9. I know right..its soo nice!

    Thanks..I know...I saw the red and im like woah...:smile: