Which Burberry Scarf? Please vote!!

  1. Help! I need help deciding which colour to buy

    The Nova


    Or the pale grey/blue?

  2. I personally like the novacheck better because it is such a classic pattern and color. It also goes with a lot of colors too. Both are lovely though.
  3. Nova - not that the other one isn't nice or anything, I just like the Nova one more.
  4. Nova.
  5. I personally like the Nova more. It is more timeless and classic. It's the one I have too! :biggrin:
  6. The Nova.:yes: I have it and asolutely LOVE it!:heart:
  7. Me too. It is so beautiful and soft.
  8. Another vote for the Nova :heart:
  9. I like them both, but I'm going to vote for the pale gray/blue. I think the color is nice.
  10. If you don't have one already I'd vote for the Nova -- I think it's always good to start with the basic/classic designs :smile: (although i do like the grey color one too!)
  11. Always the NOVA. It's very easy to wear with everything.
  12. pale blue/gray!
  13. Another vote for the Nova! I think you can match it to a wider variety of outfits than you can the gray one.
  14. Novacheck - it is a classic! I have the same scarf and get tons of use out of it in the right weather. :tup:
  15. another vote for the Nova. Absolutely invest in the 100% cashmere version - it's TDF!!