which burberry prorsum looks better?

  1. I personally like the Quilted Chain-Strap Shoulder Bag in beige. Its soo cute and cheaper than the leather one:smile:But im also liking the leather in brown. It looks very sophiscated IRL.:drool: :drool: :drool: Hmmm.. but i would go for the quilted chain strap. It looks very classic and stylish:yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. hi yeah ive been to the dept store here and i actually saw the leather one IRL, like u said its incredibly sophisticated! but yeah i do prefer the quilted one too:love: hope i'll get to see it IRL before i decide which to get!
  3. Oh~ are u in melbourne?
    Is there a prosum store in melbourne too?
  4. I love the second one.
  5. hi! well i saw the burberrys section inside David Jones, i didnt notice whether it was solely a prorsum store, but they had a few selection of handbags there:smile: !
  6. Quilted Chain-Strap Shoulder Bag
  7. hi, is this the david jones in sydney? if you are at sydney right now i suggest you go to the kings st burberry store that recently opened:smile: My SA also told me that because the burberry store is a flagship store, they send out items to other stores around australia. He said that the price would be slightly expensive than their flagship store:Push: and i actually saw exact same bag that i purchased for 1090ish at the prosum store sell in dj burberry for 1200ish! Heres the address!
    +61 2 9238 0188

    Hope you have great time:yahoo: :yahoo:

  8. Wow i didnt think there would be a price difference! but unfortunately :hysteric: , IM IN MELBOURNE! maybe i'll go check it out in december when i pop over to visit friends. Im pretty sure the flagship store would have a much wider selection too! Thanks heaps for the info:idea:
  9. I like the 2 one.
  10. I love the quilted one in tan.
  11. I much prefer the second one- the first looks like a very nice leather bag but doesn't look like it's worth $1.4K- KWIM?
  12. I am so having trouble deciding which of these bags to buy and was just going to start a thread!

    What do you think of this bag?

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  13. Hi zacorey! ooh that bag is soo cute!:love: i think its lovely, but i prefer the quilted one though.