which burberry item??

  1. Hi all, I have $960 to spend at burberry (I exchanged something and can't get a refund =( and I usually cant afford to spend so much), so I need help getting something that will really be worth it, and that I can wear often enough to justify the price. I am thinking of one of these: I live in NY, where to be honest fall/spring is pretty short, and I think winter lasts way too long. Thoughts? Thanks!!!





  2. I really like the last, white one. It looks very classy and suitable for a long winter.
  3. I like the third one too. Very classic and pretty, though white can be hard to maintain.
  4. I like the first...but I may be biased since I live in sunny southern california. I wouldn't get too much use out of the winter white coat. I can't see the 2nd pic. Only the 1st and 3rd.
  5. I love the white coat. Actually saw it in person and it's gorgeous. :girlsigh:

    If you are in a warmer climate area though, I would opt for the trench. Burberry trenches are classics and make great transition pieces from spring to fall.
  6. I really like the last one. A really stand out piece, unlike 1 and 2... which are boring.
  7. You can't go wrong with any of them, but I guess it depends on what look yo want. The second and third ones are dressier, but the trench would be good for rainy weather.
  8. My vote is for the 2nd one, a classic... if you don't experience winter than I would go with the first one as #2 is wool so it would be warmer
  9. i vote #2. seems the most classic of the three, even though all of them should last you quite awhile.
  10. Since you live in NY and have long winters, I would go with either the 2nd or 3rd. I think the last one stands out a little more. But you definitely can't go wrong with any of them! Let us know which one you end up getting!
  11. 2nd or 3rd. I own the 2nd and I love it. I want the 3rd.
  12. #1 is classic, thats my vote...
  13. The third one is beautiful! And it looks pretty warm too.
  14. Is the second one wool? It's gorgeous, my favorite.
  15. Thanks for all your opinions!

    I'm so torn, because ppl keep telling me, you should get the trench cause its iconic burberry, and you can get a wool coat anywhere... but I love the white wool coats, they are just sooo beautiful (will they get ruined asap tho?)