which burberry bag costs under 400 euros?

  1. Hello
    I was in the burberry store yesterday. There are so many beautiful bags. Now I would like to buy an burberry bag, because I love the style. But I don't know about the many different bags of burberry..:shrugs:
    I woudnt spend so much money on that, so I hope you can help me and show me some beautiful bags under 400 euros.
  2. have you looked on burberry.com?

    i wish i could help, but i don't know how the money translates.

    eta: never mind. that's about $570. gimme a sec.
  3. The nova check totes are adorable- I like every one that kallison picked!
  4. i keep meaning to check...would the sales for the us being different, though? that's why i didn't post those.