Which Bulga would you chose???

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  1. Okay, it's offical, I am now as obsessed as the rest of you! i should be getting my new LV nd Botkier bags tommorrow, but i am already wanting another new one! Mind you I am really just trying to build a nice purse wardrobe, then I can slow down and be more selective. i would like to have purses from several different designers and currently most all of my bags are brown tones, so I would also like to add a little color. I love birght pink and really wantd the mulbery Hayden Harnett, but decided agianst it. I dont know why as I an NOT a purple person and have very little of it n my wardrobe, but I am so drawn to this color of the Bulga bags. So, would you get a purpe bag at all or should I start with anohter color? If you did get a purple bag, which one do you like better?

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  2. I'd go with the one on the left. Hmm, I keep recommending that bag...I'll have to go try to see one in person.
  3. the first one!!
  4. I like the first one too.
  5. Inky Paws you're on fire with the bags this week!! I really love them both but I actually like the second one a little more. The color is gorgeous!
  6. You may know this already, but Jessica Simpson has the bigger bag in red.

    I think they're both really cute. Can you throw the first bag over your shoulder? Or is the bag only hand-held or put in the crook of your elbow? Maybe that might help you decide?
  7. I posted a thread not too long ago that also featured the Bulga tote in brown. I'm drawn to that bag and am getting that bag vs. the Kooba I was contemplating about. Definitely go for the first. It seems more functional and won't weigh you down.
  8. I like the one on the left :smile:
  9. The one on the right. I like big bags... :smile:

  10. 1!
  11. :shame: Yes, but I only bought a few bags last year and being a new bag obsessed person, I'm hoping that if I can build a basic purse wardrobe that I will be able to just buy a bag each season, which is all I can afford!

    So far the vote is split down the middle. I really like the 2nd/left purse better but the size of the 1st/right. I think the Bulga looks the best in the purple color, otherwise I would get the left bag in a med size, but it doesn't come in the purple:sad: ...Below is a picture of the med.

    One more question, can I carry a purple bag as my everyday bag regardless of the color I am wearing? Do I need to match when I am wearing a non-neutral color like purple, green, blue or orange? (I know most of you switch daily, but if I switched monthly that would be good for me!):smile:

    I love love love this place and can't get enough! Now if I just had enough money to support my new habit I could catch up with you guys!

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  12. I vote the second one, I would also want that bag :smile:
  13. I am sure we will all have differing opinions on this subject; but, I don't think that the color of your bag has much to do with your outfit; as long as the color is a compliment to what you are wearing.

    For example; I do not/would not use my anthra paddy if I was wearing khakis/browns; I just don't think that the metallic sheen would compliment a neutral brown shade outfit.
    In short, if you love the color then you probably know that you have the wardrobe to pull it off.
  14. :biggrin: i vote for the 2nd! i have it in yellow!
  15. Thanks! It's always great to get a recommnedation from someone that has the bag. do you think that it is too big to carry around everyday? Do you think that it is too big to carry for several seasons/years when huge bags aren't the current in thing? I'm barely 5'4" so I just wanted to make sure that it won't be too big/long.