which Bulga should I get??

  1. can I get your opinions on which one looks better? Both are the same size and relatively same price... within $40 of each other. I can't decide!!
    bulga 2.jpg bulga 1.jpg
  2. The one on the right.
  3. I like the one on the right better but like the color of the left one.
  4. I like the one on the left. And it's on sale really cheap (I can't remember where!!!)
  5. ack! Where?? That might make up my mind for me!! :nuts:
  6. I found it! It's for $294 plus 20% off at shopemilygrace.com!!!
  7. i think i prefer the chocolate one on the left!

    i have this bag in banana and the leather is EDIBLE it's so soft! however, i found that the goldrush leather on this same bag was a different animal altogether - not very soft and with a funny finish. i'm not sure if others here can speak to the texture of these two brown colors... anyone?
  8. that's a great deal - and very close to what i paid at NM in one of their final cut sales off this bag!
  9. The first one!
  10. I have the hazel one on the right and I love it! I actually prefer it to the one with the front pocket because it holds its shape better and doesn't "sag" when you put something in the pocket. Plus, the ruching detail with the studs on the front makes it more interesting. The leather is thick but soft and smooshy, and TDF.
  11. The one on the right.
  12. the right one. that color will be able to go with more colors :smile:
  13. The left one.
  14. i like the shape of the one on the right better but the color will be harder to keep clean. I would probably go with the one on the left.
  15. I prefer the one on the right as it shows more detail in the lighter leather. That's quite a large bag at 18" in length. Wish that I was able to carry one that large as it's a beautiful bag!