which brown is ur fav?

  1. hey ladies....out of all the browns out there for Bbag, which is ur fav?:tup:
  2. mogano :biggrin:
  3. Sienna! :love:
  4. I'm torn between Chocolate and Sienna - so, must have on of each:graucho:
  5. sienna!
  6. Mogano!

    Dark brown w/ red undertones

  7. Sienna!! cognac.
  8. Mogano!
  9. I would say the 05 choco
  10. How can I choose between all gorgeous bal browns??

    Marron! Sienna, Mogano, Truffle...
  11. this is under-hyped. 04 and 06 are both nice. too many nice browns: Cognac, Sienna, Olive Brown...
  12. I love truffle!
  13. i love '05 caramel brown....not sure the exact name of the color.
  14. Dark Brown? Mogano
    Medium Brown? 05 Caramel
    Light Brown? Sahara
  15. Light: Sahara - just saw IRL yesterday and its fab!
    Medium: Sienna
    Dark: Toss-up between Mogano & 05 Choco.