Which brown do you like better???

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  1. Me like the 08 Brown Caviar definitely!!!
  2. Yes, it does, it's a gorgeous color

  3. 57th street store in NYC, it was their last one :heart:

  4. 07 reissue.
  5. another vote for the reissue..i personally find the 08 brown caviar very difficult to match. IMO, it looks strange with most colour as there are better alternatives to match most other colours with ..
  6. Another vote for the '07 Reissue.
  7. 08 Caviar
  8. vote for caviar 08
  9. It depends if you have another bag that is close to the same color as the caviar 08. Then I would go for the reissue. But if you don't then I say get the caviar 08. It's more of a true brown color then the reissue.
  10. 08 brown
  11. The jumbo brown anyday!
  12. I like the distressed caviar hybrid (it's not a reissue), but I love the brown Jumbo!
  13. :heart::heart: brown caviar
  14. As much as I love distressed caviar, I have to agree- 08 hands down. The color is gorgeous (not muddy), and I prefer the CC closure over the MM closure. Congrats on a gorgeous bag!!!
  15. I couldn't agree more!!