Which brown do you like better???

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  1. yes the 08 caviar brown is the one!
  2. Brown 08. Where did you get it btw?
  3. brown caviar!
  4. 08 brown for sure :biggrin:
  5. I love the 08 Dark Brown Caviar!
  6. Another vote for the 08 Brown here!
    I love brown!
  7. definitely 08 brown.
  8. I like 08 brown caviar jumbo better. Does it look like milk chocolate color IRL?
  9. .....and one MORE vote fo the 08' brown caviar:yes:
  10. I am not a fan of brown color so much but I would choose Classic caviar among those 2.
  11. 08 caviar brown jumbo looks gorgeous!~
  12. with no doubt brown 08! its way more matchable, the other tone of brown its not really that matchable.
  13. brown caviar!
  14. 08 brown .. its beautiful
  15. 08 brown!!