Which brown do you like better???

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  1. Just bought the 08 brown caviar jumbo but have a chance to buy the brown distressed caviar reissue from 07.

    Which one do you like better?



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  2. O8 brown caviar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME color!:tup::tup:
  3. 08...way better!
  4. 08 brown no question.
  5. 08 brown
  6. 08 Brown
  7. 08 brown, I like the shiny look it has.
  8. thanks so much everyone!!!
  9. That 08 brown caviar is TDF......:heart:H
  10. o8 brown
  11. Definitely the 08 brown! Lucky you!
  12. 08 brown hands down!
  13. I can't believe it's really a chocolatey brown.
  14. Another vote for 08 brown. The other one looks like it has more of rusty tones in it.
  15. caviar jumbo...by far.