which brown color bbag would you recommend?

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  1. Ive been thinking about getting a brown color bbag for awhile but have been pushing it off for some time. Now that I know that the box style is going to be discontinued, Im wondering if I should look into buying the truffe box. I really like the box style but wouldnt mind looking into the new brown colors coming out soon. Which brown bbags do you like the most?
  2. I love my fall camel 06 city and I think the 07 café really sounds promising.
  3. Great question - I'd love to hear the ladies (and gents) opinion on this. I'm holding out for the Argyle - not too dark, not too light, looks like a great colour!
  4. I have the 06-truffle and the 05-choco brown...and I love them both! I'm such a sucker when it comes to brown bags. :yes:
  5. What do you think about the 06 marron?

    catcat - I was also excited about the 07 cafe color but I just read in the other posts that the new cafe is really really dark. Almost black?

    cal - I also want a color that is not too dark and not too light. I guess a warm medium brown?

    esiders - Do you have a picture of the two side by side. I thought there was a post comparing the different browns but I cant seem to find it. I would love to see your bags!
  6. i like all the brown shades :P
    but for darker brown i'm in love with the choco '05 and for lighter caramel '05
  7. I like the truffle. Its just right
  8. Here is a picture of all my bags...you can see the truffle and the choco-brown.

  9. Some other beautiful brown B-bag colors;
    Fall 06 caramel...also known as "butterscotch"
    Fall 06 olive brown...it's the color of the inside of a black olive
    Fall 04 marron...a reddish brown
  10. ^^ chocolate all the way!!! :wlae:

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  11. i liked truffle and caramel having seen them both in person. but it depends on what type of brown you want. i was smitten by a truffle purse recently, and it looked awesome with what i was wearing, hehee.
  12. I second the 05 Caramel, they do pop up and the colour is just lovely! Not too dark, not too light! It's almost a tan colour, the 06 S/S Cognac is darker and more orange, and the Butterscotch from F/W 06 is really honey/ orange. Gorgeous in their own ways, just depends what you are after.

    I wish you well,

  13. I want a brown toned Weekender!

    Can't decide which colour I want. And just as well, since I can't afford one just yet anyway :cry:
  14. Cafe 07 is TDF....i recommend u to get one if u like darker shade of brown!!!

    i love it and seems like it has nice leather too....so go go Cafe!!