Which brown bag do you like best??

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  1. I value everyone's opinion and would like to know everyone's thoughts and opinions on which brown bag looks the best for an everyday look -- something funky yet functional, make sense? So here y'all are:

    The first one is Bulga and the second is Kooba...TIA!

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  2. Tough choice, they're both cute. I'd probably go with the Bulga, because it seems like it would be more functional.
  3. I agree with pseub!
  4. I like the hardware on the Bulga but also like the shape of the Kooba. Both shapes are actually quite enticing to me but I've heard the leather on Bulgas is divine. Anyone have past experiences w/ Bulga bags that they would like to divulge, good or bad?
  5. Bulga! I'm a bit hobo'd out.
  6. Considering I've never owned a Bulga, I'm willing to give it a try and see what comes of it. I like that style better than those bigger ones that Jessica Simpson was seen wearing. Those are just too big for me.
  7. i like the bulga. i'm not a big fan of hobos
  8. I'd say the Bulga...not a big fan of that particular hobo shape. Looks like it wouldn't fit too much.
  9. I like Hobos but in this case, I like the Bulga.
  10. kooba- but it looks like a bag u can buy @ Wetseal. Def not one of their better bags.
  11. I think the Bulga is really cute.
  12. I think Adasa.com has that bag....and are having a 20% off sale with a code, and free ship.

    Let me see if I can find it.
  13. NEWYEAR06
    Not good on preorders or sale items.
  14. kooba
  15. Bulga.