which brands have wider brushes?

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  1. i think i have a nail polish from nars and that one has a wider brush and it made it so easy to apply! less streaky and much faster, which made me only want nail polishes with the wide brush.

    do all nars ones have the wide brush? i think i remember hearing that dior has a wider brush also? but not sure about this.

  2. Three wide brush brands that I own are Dior, OPI, Dolce & Gabbana... not 100% sure about NARS because I don't own any NARS polishes yet but I think they do.
  3. The polishes I can confirm from my own stash are Dior and Sally Hansen Miracle Gel, maybe even Sally Hansen Salon Manicure. Their brushes are uniquely different from the norm. Sometimes I love those brushes, other times I hate them. Lol. I do love the OPI and Nars brushes, they are a nice size and I can usually paint my nails in 3-4 strokes. I also love the brush of Marc Jacobs polishes. Not sure it's wider but it applies very well on me.
  4. Dior, YSL and Essie

    Essie is the quality it my opinion
  5. Dior is my favorite wide brush brand. Ironically my nail girl hates the wide brush, probably cause she's doing my toes I get no chip on my hands.