Which brand of dye do you like most? Clairol, Garnier, etc?


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Nov 29, 2006
I'm going to be dying my hair back to it's original color (or as close as I can possibly get back to it, which is a dirty blonde - very light brown color ish). I am between the brands Clairol and Garnier. Then, within those, I'm not sure where to go...Nutrisse, Natural Instincts, Nice N' Easy, Herbal, etc.... I see the colors I would want, but really want opinions on brands, how they turn out, staying power, etc. I've tried L'oreal Feria and other ones within the L'oreal Haircolor line and they do not stay very well at all and I just can't really like them at all.

Thanks for any input!

Or...should I just go to a salon and have them match my roots to get my color and have the professional salon dyes do it's work, like Wella, etc......



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Apr 8, 2007
I would go to a salon so they can match your roots. The professional dyes are actually more gentle on your hair and that way you can have someone monitor your hair's progress. Also-if it doesn't come out right, they will usually correct their mistakes.


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Jan 19, 2007
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^ I agree i also tried Garnier before and my hair was awful!
I tried Boot's own hair dye ,That was amazing and smelled so pretty too!
But i think getting it professionally done is the right way to go about it
Good luck!


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Oct 15, 2006
Monterrey, Mexico
Well, going to a salon is probably the safest bet. If you're unable, or don't want to spend much on it like myself, I recommend Garnier Nutrisse. It didn't dry out my hair much and has a bit of a more pleasant smell than other dyes.


Feb 23, 2007
Orange County, CA
At my salon we use Wella and yes it's one of the best professional dye's out there. You can buy Wella at Sally beauty supply though. In case you did not know. Another good brand is Schwartzkopf you can find there dye's in various upscale Beauty Supply stores that do not require you to be licensed to purchase them.


Feb 16, 2007
*cringes in fear*

PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEASE don't dye your hair yourself.

Looks like it's storytime.

I had super bright barbie blonde hair, and then I told my stylist that I wanted to darken it up for fall. Well, she took this to mean that I wanted a two toned hair....so she put super dark brown in my super bright blonde...and then dyed the bottom this super brown.

Anyway, it looked cool, but I didn't like how salt-and-pepper it would sometimes look...

So, I decided to get a box of color, thinking that it would even the colors out. (Bring the dark brown up and the blonde down)

Anyway, it turned my hair from blonde/brown to gray/purple.

I had to go in and have them professional fix it...which basically, they just washed a shade over my hair. It was horrible...and I couldn't do anything to my hair for like 5 months. Bad bad bad.

Anyway, as far as going from black to blonde....there isn't any kind of dye that you can use that is going to lift that black. I think that they would have to strip it, and then you would have to leave it for awhile, and then come back in and do something with it.

Definitely don't use a box color trying to lift your hair like that. Ew....(scared)

Anyway, that is what I would suggest, go to the salon and they will definitely help you.

It is definitely worth paying the extra money not to screw up your hair.