Which brand is the bag Nicole Richie wore on court date?

  1. I believe that is the Chloe Heloise
  2. she looks really good in that pic, although she looks like she is going to a funeral
  3. did you try a search?
    I know all her other apparel was asked about a few times.
  4. ohh.. how do i do that. .

    do u mean in google or a search of this forum..?
  5. Search this forum.

  6. ^^^that's exactely what it is! I fell in :heart: with this bag when i first saw it, it's TDF!!!!!
  7. click on SEARCH at the top of the page and choose ADVANCED SEARCH to narrow the results.
  8. Is that a flap over a pocket or part of the zipper???
  9. That bag is so cute! I love her shoes, too.
  10. This is the small Chloe Heloise in black. Gone?? I don't think there's any around? Seriously.