Which brand have you moved on from and why?

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  1. For me it seems to be,
    1. Coach because of their pricing (too much to pay for what you get IMO.
    One of my favorite compliments when wearing a bag is when someone can't easily recognize it.

    2. LV because I got tired of seeing the logo pieces coming and going. Also just didn't feel comfortable wearing them. For the price I paid for coated canvas I felt silly.

    3. Dooney & Bourke because I grew bored of their designs.....sadly because I used to love them.

    These are 3 designers I don't really buy from anymore......which are yours and why?
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  2. 1. MK. Love the organization pockets and the reasonable price but had a run of back luck with lack of quality so it put me off the brand.
    2. Kate Spade- too cutesy and too tiny. Never was a tiny bag girl.
    3. Rebecca Minkoff- lack of quality control on too many lines.
    4. D&B. The nice bags are too heavy for my wonky shoulder and the light weight ones collapse when you set them down.

    Surprisingly I have bought two Coach in the last month after a several year ban.
    Both not the top of the line but well put together and nice quality materials.
  3. Thanks for your experiences......they make sense to me! Glad you found some Coach that work for you!
  4. I am just a bag junkie. I don't rule any brand out.
  5. I own 4-5 Coach pieces that I've used exclusively during college and into my first job out of college. They've held up so well, but I've since moved on to buy other brands. I still wear them on occasion when I know it's going to rain outside or I'm going to an outdoor activity (lol!). They truly hold up well, even my outlet pieces. I'm at the stage where I can't get myself to buy anymore Coach since I know I have a few sitting in my closet.
  6. This new Coach makes almost nothing I would buy-both price and design are the reason. Got small crossbody and a pair of shoes, one wallet. But I do not rule them out yet. I used to like Cole Haan but they have changed and not for good. They are moving to a very strange direction to be honest. Definitely lost their craft and chic appeal.
    Moved to Tumi. Love it.
  7. OMG, I'm so boring I've never moved on really :hrmm:
    some brands have obviously moved on from me
    BV (with a few exceptions, what's with all the chains and fuss?)
    MJ (I couldn't find a better made, more sumptuous bag in the 00s)
    Chloe (although maybe 2 bags that break my back are enough :-s)
  8. Brands moving on from me is a good way of putting it! I hear you on Prada ... but it looks like they are starting to bring back more of the Vitello Daino bags, so I may have to look into them again.

    Oh, how I wish I had bought one of those MJ bags back in the day, but at the time, spending $1K on a bag was out of my range.
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  9. +1
    In that light, mulberry.
    As someone brilliantly stated about this new bag design, on mulb fb page:
    "Oh...all I see are 2 London Underground signs & no tree.":lol:

    Their website's coming soon jewelry is the stuff of jumble sale nightmares, imo.:yucky:
    Disembodied deer head pieces might convince me there is no god.
  10. So disappointed, for you, my big sis and all the loyal Mulberry fans. This could all be a quick blip though
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  11. LV. I found that after the purchase they offer very little to no follow up customer service. I realized that altogether I've spent at least 20k there and they weren't very friendly when I had a problem.
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  12. MK, RM and D&B.
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  13. Yes, Mulberry is moving away from me too. :sad:

    I hope you are right. :sad:
    Chloe is growing on me, but the bags are heavy...
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    Coach: Quality is not really up to par and it's just gotten really expensive. Sad because I did like them a lot.

    Dooney and Bourke: I used to own a couple canvas pieces (both coated and jacquard canvas) from them but have since sold them. Also had problems with their items. Their leather products look great but are fairly heavy when I've played with the bags in the store. I might try the leather products in time, though.

    I used to be over Louis Vuitton, but I renewed my interest in them late last year.
  15. Very disappointed to hear that