Which brand has best liners?

  1. I've come to realize that I am obsessed with pretty linings. A purse or wallet that has a pretty lining makes me smile, even if I'm having a bad day. Which brands do you think have the best linings?
  2. I'm loving Hayden Harnett (floral silk in some bags) and the Coach Legacy lines...
  3. I do love my Legacy lining and also the bright paisley in B. Makowsky.
  4. I :heart: the Coach legacy linings!!

    Also, Shelli Segal has some pretty cool linings and I've seen some MBMJ bags that had pretty linings...
  5. I've been obsessed with this myself lately. My mom has a LoveCat purse and it even has a pretty lining , I was going crazy over it. I'm loving the Coach legacy bags also.
  6. I think it depends, a lot of brands have differnet linings. I really liked the hot pink cambon lining for Chanel but I also like their satin linings. I love the leather lining of some LV vernis pieces but do not like the canvas lining of some of the newer pieces. I do however really like the chevre lining in birkins, the color is just so wonderful and it feels good too.
  7. I don't know really, but I think my MJ bags with suede lining are too heavy. I love them, but, they weigh too much.
  8. Lauren Merkin has cute linings.
  9. My Bulga butterfly bag has a real cute lining.
  10. Marc Jacobs has cuute linings!
    I love when the logo is on the inside instead of the outside..
  11. Belen Echandia ha a gorgeous fuschia silk ribbon lining.

    The Kale Tate has pink lining too but it's in suede. So for me, that's my fave, hands down! :yes:
  12. Marc Jacobs suede lining. Anytime my bag is open, the color inside pops!
  13. I think the best QUALITY lining is by far my Gryson Olivia. The suede lining is top-of-the-line (even better than MJ!!) Sometimes I look for reasons to go inside my bag just so I can look at it, smell it & touch it!!

    As for the PRETTIEST or CUTEST (to look at it) - I think it would have to be my Bulga Butterfly tote. (My HH triple strap doesn't have a pretty lining, but I think the Hayden Harnett bags w/the Paule Marrot linings are gorgeous!!)

    I used to have a LuvCat bag and I luved the pink silk lining w/small brown hearts - Junior Drake also uses a unique silk lining -screened with pix of his various models (and bag muses!!)
  14. Hmm, the Bulga lining is beautiful, but I like a silky lining better. I love the Coach Legacy lining and I also like the Tano lining. Yes, it is obviously not terribly expensive and it is rather nylon-y, but the bright purple is just so much fun!
  15. I love the linings in Marc Jacobs bags. The suede can be really stunning, the canvas colors are gorgeous, and some of the linings in the MbMJ line are so fun.