Which brand do YOU recognize most?


Which brand do you consider a classic?

  1. louis vuitton

  2. sperry

  3. chanel

  4. ralph lauren

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  1. hi!

    just wondered which brand would you say is more recognized and widely accepted?

  2. louis vuitton for handbags
    rolex for watch
    7 for all mankind jeans
  3. LV for bags.. Everyone here is carrying them. I cant turn a corner and not see them..
  4. I have an eye for Juicy Couture, Coach and LV handbags because everyone has them, and usually Chanel or Burberry clothes/bags/shoes.

    Oh and designer jeans!!
  5. LV is everywhere, and I honestly like their more conservative pieces. The epi, damier, utah, onatah and the damier azur get my tick..
    Ralph are great for their polos, and their ponies are easily recognisable.
    Chanel bags are fabulous and I love seeing ladies carrying them...
    I love looking out for bags and designer jeans...
  6. I think LV because their trademake is very recognizable.
  7. Chanel is definitely the most classic IMO. LV is the screamer though.
  8. TA :yes:
  9. Diors and Vuittons...
  10. lv
  11. Gucci, its been around since my mother's times...Found old Gucci green paperbacks in my attic that day, wonder how much i'll get on eBay for it...
  12. what is sperry by the way...
  13. I view "classic" and "recognized" as two very different things so I'll answer both seperately....

    Out of the 4 brands you listed I'd say Chanel is the 'classic' and Louis Vuitton is the most 'recognized'.
  14. In my opinion Chanel - sorry I know there aaaaaa lot of LV lovers among you but so often I don't get it.... I love the epi leather though.
  15. Sperry are these shoes.. trust me once you see them you will recongnize them.
    They are very preppy.. Some people call them boat shoes lol.