Which bracelet?

  1. I was thinking of getting two bracelets, one for me and one for my mom (belated mother's day gift since I'm not home). Here are the ones I'm deciding between.

    1. http://usa.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Hermes/braceletItem.jsp?zoneId=us&langId=-1&typeShowcase=Bracelets&colorId=01&color2=&partNumber=206101fp02&subStoreFrontId=0&heading=WOMEN&AC=0 (narrow)...or...
    2. http://usa.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Hermes/braceletItem.jsp?zoneId=us&langId=-1&typeShowcase=Bracelets&colorId=01&color2=&partNumber=156101fp02&subStoreFrontId=0&heading=WOMEN&AC=0 (extra-wide)
    - Also, which color do you like the best?

    3. http://france.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Hermes/braceletItem.jsp?zoneId=fr&langId=-2&typeShowcase=Bracelets&colorId=01&color2=&partNumber=300151f31&subStoreFrontId=1&heading=WOMEN&AC=0 (I tried this on in the store and fell in LOVE...but there was a scratch so it wasn't for sale.)
    4. http://usa.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Hermes/braceletItem.jsp?zoneId=us&langId=-1&typeShowcase=Bracelets&colorId=11&color2=&partNumber=102101fp03&subStoreFrontId=1&heading=WOMEN&AC=0 (gold- or palladium-plated?)
    5. I don't have a picture of the last bangle, but it's very simple, just a few (2 or 3) horse carriages scattered around. I was looking at the pink one with the carriages in darker pink-purple...don't know if anyone knows what I'm describing (gold- or palladium-plated?) -- Kind of like this one except not nearly as crowded http://usa.hermes.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Hermes/braceletItem.jsp?zoneId=us&langId=-1&typeShowcase=Bracelets&colorId=02&color2=&partNumber=206102fp01&subStoreFrontId=12&heading=WOMEN&AC=0

    Thanks for any opinions!
  2. I love the 2nd one in black/red, but I also love the 3rd one's white/ gold combo!
  3. I love all of them but especially #3 and #4. I really want to get one of the H bracelets because they are so pretty and also my initial is H. :smile: And I have loved the one with the animals that spell out Hermes for so long! :biggrin: So those are the two I would pick but they are all so pretty you can't go wrong! :biggrin:
  4. I especially love the third one!! It looks tres chic especially with a white coat on (which was what I was wearing ;)) It was hard to take off after that haha.

    Oh! Yes another question. Would you prefer these plated bracelets as opposed to a David Yurman color classic one? They're more or less the same amount, but Yurman's is sterling silver, 14kt, with semiprecious stones while Hermes is gold or palladium plated with enamel. I'm also afraid that the plating might come off (anyone know whether it actually does?). Bit of a dilemma. Love the Hermes look, but Yurman is very classic also. Help!
  5. If your initial is H, then it's your duty to get one!! :lol: I really like the bold statement of the wider ones, but the thinner ones are more elegant.
  6. I love #3 the best. I absolutely love it in silver H, black enamel.
  7. I totally agree! :graucho: In my experience, I have had an Hermes enamel bracelet for about 4 years and I wear it every day and it still looks perfect. No flaking or chipping of the gold at all. It gets knocked around but it still looks fabulous. :biggrin:
  8. #3! Absolutely in exactly the color combo you sent the link for or silver w/black enamel! It's fresh, clean and chic! It's a classic! I'm not a fan of David Yurman so I can't comment on that dilemma because for me that's an easy one. Hermes all the way....
  9. Shu, I may be in the minority here, but I say go for the David Yurman bracelet. I would choose the 7mm unless you plan to stack a few of the 5 mm. I just think for the money you are getting much more and it is a lovely piece of jewelry. You can also add to it later for another gift...be it a second cuff bracelt or a link bracelet.

    If you want my vote on the above I say go with #3...classic H bracelet.
  10. I love bracelet number 3!!
  11. i have #3 in lilac/silver and i love it. i want to get one in every color.
  12. #3 But I got distracted shopping. lol
  13. Shu I personally LOVE LOVE #4. Hermes and Animals just go together like a pair of chopstix.

    If you want a guy's opinion, my husband thinks #1 is his favorite, and then #2. They are both VERY young and CHIC. (He said that's what he would have chosen if he were to buy me one) whereas #3 and #5 is for a more mature, elegant, and classic woman.. (obviously he doesn't think of me as one!! LOL).. and #4 is for everyone young and old. I was surprised by his detailed description and preferences.
  14. :lol: Thank you to you and your husband! I think he's paying you a compliment--young and chic! He must really like the HERMES bracelet. The thing that actually caught my attention about it actually is seeing it in one of your photos in LV (it was the extra-wide one), but I do think it might be a little bit too-in-your-face. Thank you so much for your help...although now you make me want them all! :roflmfao:
  15. I like 3,4 and almost bought 5!! How's that for not helping much??!!!