Which Bracelet??

  1. I'm trying to decide between the two. I have always loved the heart but then I started liking the circle alot. Now I'm going back to the heart a bit and I just can't choose between the two! Its hard b/c I can't see it IRL...and as you can probably tell I am sooo indecisive!

  2. i :heart: the :heart: so much better the circle just doesnt look that good...:p
  3. yeah I like the first bracelet better
  4. get the heart - it has more style
  5. I have the heart and love it. Plus it has a toggle closure. My bracelet has the lobster closure (the one on the circle in your photo) and I have hard time getting it on and off. So I say the heart with the toggle 100 %!!
  6. ^^^
    can you get the circle with a toggle closure? if you can, that would be my recommendation. but then i don't like hearts in my jewelry at all.
  7. yeah the toggle closure is 70% of the look in the first one ! :nuts:
  8. i like the heart with the toggle much better.
  9. I vote for the heart. But at the end of the day you have to follow your heart (no pun intended!) :smile:
  10. I like the heart. It's way cuter.
  11. they're both pretty, but I'd choose the 1st one!
  12. heart one with toggle is the best! I have the same one!
  13. I have the heart tag bracelet but not with the toggle. I personally :heart: hearts and have many Tiffany heart jewelry. In my opinion, I would never get another toggle bracelet cuz I had a heart toggle bracelet (thankful that it wasn't Tiffany) and it fell off and I didn't even notice until I got home!! I was quite sad because it was a really cute bracelet. I say, if you want the heart, then get it with the lobster clasp. The circle's really cute, too!
  14. I have the second one so my vote goes for that. I prefer the circle to the heart because it feels like everybody I know has the heart design and it was getting a bit boring so I went for something different.
  15. I prefer the heart one.