Which bracelet would you prefer? Cartier or Roberto Coin

  1. I know Cartier is a more desireable jewerly than Roberto Coin, but without deciding on the name brand or cost and just deciding on the looks, which bracelet would you rather receive from your DH or SO? Both bracelets have the same width.

    [​IMG]Cartier Love Bracelet in 18Kt yellow gold

    [​IMG] Roberto Coin "I Love You More" in 18Kt yellow gold

    Roberto Coin 'I Love You More' Bracelet "I love you more" is inscribed in English, French, Italian and Spanish on each side of an elegant, 18 karat gold bangle. Features Roberto Coin signature ruby inset inside bracelet.
  2. Definitely Cartier !
  3. Ditto....Cartier all the way! I am asking that bracelet for X-Mas from my d-head.
  4. i actually like the roberto coin one more. :yes: the fact that the love bracelet is locked onto my wrist by someone seems more controlling than loving imho. :smile:
  5. I like what the Coin says but I prefer the Cartier - more classic IMO.
  6. Maybe I'm in the minority here, but I like the Roberto Coin bracelet more because of the inscriptions on it.
  7. The Cartier Love Bracelet by a long shot. It's design is so iconic, so classic. My husband bought one for me in 18K Yellow gold. It's expensive approx. $3000.00 but it's solid gold and such a romantic gift.

    I think that the Cartier Love Bracelet is something someone you love should get you...not something you buy for yourself. I'm pretty sure Aldo Cipullo would agree with me.
  8. I prefer the Roberto Coin bracelet. He's a terrific designer of the highest quality jewelry and the sentiment on the bracelet is beautiful. I love the signature ruby too. So many people have the Cartier bracelet.

  9. ITA. :yes:

    I'm obviously missing the appeal of screws! :shrugs:

    I'd feel like my SO was saying, as he handed the Cartier over; 'Here you are, darling - you're screwed!'. :lol:
  10. LOL Does it really get screwed on?? that's freaky, I'm clausterphobic and I would have a fit.

    Regardless I like the Roberto Coin bracelet better. The inscription is beautiful.
  11. cartier! such a classic
  12. Roberto Coin .... it is more interesting IMO
  13. I love both but I think Roberto Coin looks better.
  14. I like the Roberto Coin better.
  15. I vote for the Roberto Coin by a mile - I don't like the look of those screws on the Cartier. Just my opinion.