Which bracelet should I go for?

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  1. Tough decision! I love them all. I think I like the red hamsa bracelet the best because I like the pop of color... although the white would look pretty with everything.
  2. I agree, the red hamsa. Beautiful!
  3. I really like the red hamsa one.
  4. Another vote for the red bracelet, the white is a close second.
  5. Thank you ladies...I agree the red hamsa one is very nice...also the most expensive! lol

    I do like the white and purple ones too!
  6. I like the white one. It sings to me and will go with everything! Have you tried them on? Are you planning on wearing it alone or stacked with other bracelets?
  7. Well it is my birtday in December the big 30! and am going to ask my family for a few bracelets possibly including:






    sorry for all the links!!!

    All my jewellery is mainly white gold/silver finish and I really want some nice gold bracelets to start my collection off with and to layer...hopefully they will look nice!

    hmm....I think it is defo between the red or the white bracelet...
  8. I like the lotus/white one best!
  9. I prefer the white lotus.
  10. I prefer the purple one. The other one seems little bit déjà vu!
  11. I love the red. Red is such a beautiful and fun color.
  12. the purple one is very special!!
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    Love the purple one!! (no pun intended! :biggrin:)
  14. Lol amstill confused!