Which boy bag? Pls help me decide

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  1. Hi,

    I really want a boy bag in medium size (doesn't matter old or new one). But I'm really confuse which colour to get. I'm looking at:

    - red lambskin GHW
    - red lambskin RHW
    - black caviar RHW
    - olive khahi RHW

    I probably use this boy for more casual use.
    I currently have a CF jumbo black caviar GHW, CF m/l lambskin GHW, GST black caviar GHW, beige mini chanel boy with handle RHW.

    Please help me decide [emoji120] thanks [emoji173]️

    **I attached a pic of the khaki and red, pictures are not mine. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467630549.301233.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467630565.042504.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467630575.126702.jpg
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  2. That olive is really cute (I've never seen that color) but the one in the picture looks like a small.
  3. I would personally choose the olive, it's different from black, but still neutral. :smile:
    Good luck deciding!
  4. Since you already have a lot of black in your collection, my vote is for the olive w/RHW or red w/RHW. Good luck deciding.
  5. Red with rhw. Change it up with your collection and imho the RHW works really well with the boy. Good luck and be sure to do a reveal!
  6. While I love gold hardware, the Red with RHW would be my pick. That combination just " works". While the olive is nice, it's still very neutral and would serve the same purpose as a beautiful black bag. A great red is always a welcome addition. Good luck deciding!
  7. I would get the combo caviar with RHW.. All sound gorgeous
  8. I would get the red with RHW. I agree with the other posters about adding red to your collection, since you already have a lot of neutrals. Good luck!
  9. I am +1 on adding a red! Time for a pop of color! I like both hardware combinations you posted, but probably prefer the gold --
  10. I would go with olive too! But would metallic leather be hard to take care of comparing to the other two?
  11. red with RHW!
  12. These are all beautiful. I love the red with GHW most, but it sounds as if you already have many GHW bags. Without thinking of what you already have, is there one that spoke to you most?
  13. Wow you've got your neutrals covered really well! A pop of colour would be a great addition. I like the red with ghw as it looks really lush. However, if your style is more edgy then the red rhw would be more fitting.
  14. I would choose the olive or red with rhw. All the bags are lovely though [emoji173]️
  15. I have similar collection as yours, mainly black bags and only 1 camel brown mini from Chanel. I'm looking for red boy to add to my collection too as my friend has a red with rhw and it looks really beautiful for daily wear!
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