Which boy bag? HELP!

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  1. Hi everyone, my bf is going to Paris next week and I'm planing to ask him to get me number one wish list at the moment for a boy bag. But I'm torn in between which boy to choose. I original wanted to get an old medium in black boy with ruthenium hardware. Until recently I'm totally in love with the gold hardware black boy. It looks so classic with the gold hardware. However I prefer the gold hardware in a small boy instead. That's because the gold hardware makes the whole outfit a little bit more dressier and loud so I would much prefer it to be in a small size. However looking at the price different between the old medium and small boy makes me think that the old medium size is much practical and worth the price given the size different. I can't really choose which one to go.

    1. Old medium with ruthenium hardware; or
    2. Old medium with gold hardware; or
    3. Small with gold hardware?

    Please refer to the photos attached for reference. Those are not my photos I just google it online.

    Current collection:
    Jumbo flap black GHW
    M/L flap blank SHW
    Old medium boy red ruthenium hardware
    Mini square chevron black SHW
    WOC black SHW
    GST black SHW (planning to sell it)

    Just to let you know I wear mostly silver jewellery

    Let me know your thoughts! Much appreciated !
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467512481.015212.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467512507.920202.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1467512529.855954.jpg
  2. I vote for old medium black rhw!

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  3. It will all boil down to what is actually available in Paris. It might not be any of the above at all as there are other seasonal Boys on offer now. You may have to decide on size, leather and hardware and see if any that is available meets your requirements. Based on what you already own, a small or old medium Boy in GHW would be a nice addition. But go with your heart. Good luck!
  4. Thanks
  5. Thanks for your detailed advise understand that the exact boy bag that I'm looking for might not be available in Paris. But I think I only settle on things that I actually wanted so that I have no regrets. If not later I end up selling it away thanks again! I'm actually leaning more on the small boy in GHW. Hehe but the price just hold me back since not much different compare to the old medium
  6. as someone who's had her heart set on old medium size.... i've completely converted to small boy (i think they are calling it mini now, and old medium is now medium, and new medium is now called large). i'm also hesitating bc of the price tag $4300 vs $4700, esp since the small fits roughly around the same amount of stuff as a square mini, which is $2900, so we're talking about $1400 difference in a bag that's not even lined in leather!!! BUT having said that, i'm still saving up for a small boy. I think mini sizes of bags in general are more difficult to make just based on scale and all the details have to still be there but more meticulous bc it's a smaller size, so i think that's why the price difference isn't that much between the two sizes. proportionally for me, i'm now 100% sure i want to get the small size bc it looks awesome. now i'm thinking old medium size is too boxy for me, esp since boy is already more edgy compared to the softer, more feminine look of the classic flap, and even though old medium boy and m/l CF is roughly the same dimensions, m/l doesn't seem as boxy or rigid as boy.
  7. If you love the small boy with ghw then I would go with that. Don't be swayed by the price as you can't put a price on what you want. If you settle then it will be in the back of your mind. Provided that your things fit into a small boy, it would be a nice addition to your collection. Personally I have found small boys to be so convenient (easy to get things in and out of) and comfortable to wear. Good luck with your decision!
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  8. Like the above posters said, get what you want. Do not let the price difference dictate your choice, which you may regret later on. When I bought my 2.55 in the mini size 224, I was aware of the small difference in price between that and the 225, but went ahead with the purchase because it was too cute to pass and I knew I would use it often. It is still a bag I reach for quite often when I just need to carry the essentials. Good luck deciding :smile:
  9. Forget the price difference. It means nothing because you already chose to pay for a Chanel bag! So always get exactly what you want. No less. You will be happier in the long run. I live the way the small boy with aged gold looks, but proportion wise it didn't look as nice as old medium on me. I would vote for small boy if it fits you well (I envy those who can pull it off like the one in your photo)
  10. Another vote for the small boy! I love how it looks more dressy but edgy.
  11. small boy :smile: the only thing to be aware is small boy doesnt fit that much stuff in. So totally depending on your lifestyle and what do you carry in your bag.
  12. I agree with the posts here, go for which one you would want if all three appeared in front of you, and make sure the size works for you. And as one of the other posters noted, give him a list with a few options as the Stores are frequently low or out of stock. Good luck!
  13. Thanks everyone for your kindness opinion and advise. I just told my bf to get the small boy GHW in black for me if he has the chance just went to check on the current prices for a boy bag and apparently UK is selling a little cheaper than EU due to the currency