Which boutique is still in old price? (Nov 3)

  1. I'm looking for a White Medium Caviar Classic Flap ($1995), is it too late to find.....:confused1:
  2. Neiman Marcus (I was at Tysons Corner , VA) was not increasing rices until Nov 3rd. You maybe able to get on the phone right now and call a west coast store and order...good luck because I think they told me that bag was going up $500 or $600.
  3. You should try NM tomorrow morning early and maybe you can get it at the old price. I called the Chanel Boutique today for that exact bag and it is $2350. I also bought a bag from Nordstrom on the 1st of Nov, when their price increase was suppose to take effect and their computers hadn't been updated so got it at the old price. Try ASAP in the morning to NM on the east coast.