Which Bottega Veneta should I get?

  1. Hi Ladies,
    I'm trying to decide between two Bottega Veneta bags - the small Campana in black or this new BV design (see picture) in black. Please give me your advice for a great multi-purpose bag that can be dressed up or down. I want a bag that I can get a lot of wear out of.

    Bottega Veneta braided handle.jpg
  2. i like this new one. i like the handle a lot.
  3. I like this new one as well. Love braided handles.
  4. I love this one as well, but please try it on first to see if it works well for you. (especially is you want to wear it on your shoulder) If not, you are fine! Have fun!
  5. I like this new style :heart: Do you know what it is called and the price?
  6. I like the one you posted
  7. I love the Campana, like the bag in photo a lot too, I am not sure how big it is though? I think it might be a really big bag from what I remember, I would just make sure that you like the proportions, but the style is great!:yes:
  8. Like the black one in the photo too!
  9. I love them both:

    * The Campana is a great "all around" b-bag. I think it would go great with everything from jeans to skirts.

    * I love the 2nd bag too - but it is a tad bit dressier, if that makes sense.

    If it's your first bv, I would get the Campana. I always think that the Campana or the Veneta are perfect "starter" bags!

    Let us know what you decide.
  11. I like the Campana because it is a Classic. Agree with beauxgoris. Are you a BV starter? If yes, what about Veneta bag, this can be used with casual or smart casual clothing.
  12. The shape of the Campana doesn't appeal to me personally, although some of the ladies here carry them so well! Hence I would opt of this other bag which you've attached. The braided handle is really cute, and I like the shape.

    Speaking of dressing up or down, I would totally pair this bag with white tee and jeans. I think it's sassy enough to be dress down, and dressing it up won't be a problem.

    However, how much do you tend to carry around? This will def hold less than a Campana. This bag would not hold all the stuff I need to lug around :p
  13. this bag u have picture with, I've tried already in the store and it does not sit on shoulder..so u will just have to tote it. for me personally, i love bag that I could either rest on my shoulder or some other time ..tote it.

    I would suggest u go with the classic veneta..u will never regret it..
  14. I actually have this bag and it is my first BV. I don't have a problem in pairing it with jeans. I think it looks classy and nobody else has this bag. A couple of point for you to consider:
    you really can't carry it comfortably on your shoulder--it is a tight fit
    it holds a lot more than it appears as it expands and becomes slouchy with use
    when you load it up with items inside it can become a bit heavy
    the opening is a tad hard to get in and out of==a small opening

    I still love it but I wanted to make sure you had all of this info before deciding.
  15. Both bags are beautiful in their own ways - what can I say, to me most if not ALL Bottega bags are. Actually, I am not a fan of either but between the two, I'd think the Campana is more practical and easier to wear on the whole. Or like many here suggested, opt for the Veneta, a winner in all aspects!