Which Bottega Veneta hobo would you get?? Please take my poll!


Which Bottega hobo?

  1. Small classic style

  2. Ball bag

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I'm thinking about getting my first Bottega this year, which hobo would you get? The small classic one or the ball bag? Please let me know your preference and why - thanks! I don't really want to get both since they are kind of similar...what do you think?

    Here is a link that shows the bags I'm talking about: small hobo is upper left, ball bag is the one on the bottom in the center...

  2. can you post pics for us to compare?
  3. I think the ball bag can go on your shoulder. The smaller hobo is a tight fit on the shoulder. They both are wonderful, and the smaller hobo will come in each season's special colors--don't know if the ball bag comes in other than the classic colors.
  4. I voted Ball Bag simply b/c I am partial to bigger bags.
  5. I just did - hope this helps Swanky!
  6. I tried on both and I preferred the Ball :love:
    HOpe to get one this year!
  7. I think the Ball is more comfortable, but the smaller one looks like it may be able to go from day to night...would you get both? In different colors of course!
  8. i like both styles. i actually just got my first BV in December and went with the medium hobo just because it was cheaper than the ball bag. I still want the ball bag and will get one at a later time. you can't go wrong with either. good luck.
  9. I'd get the classic "Veneta" hobo--but in medium, not small. To me, that is the quintessential Bottega Veneta bag.

  10. just saw you latest post and to answer you question, yes i would get both in different colors. they are 2 totally different bags. the medium hobo actually fits a lot. it doesn't seem that big when you're just looking at the picture but IRL it's a very roomy bag.
  11. Yes, I meant the medium (not small) - I thought there were only 2 sizes. Obviously I don't know too much about this brand. :sweatdrop: Thanks for all your opinions ladies, please keep them coming!
  12. Personally, I've just never liked the seams on the Ball bag. They interrupt the trademark appeal of BV--the beautiful woven leather.
  13. I don't have a Bottega Veneta. But from the looks of it, I would go with the hobo because it fully closes with a zipper. The ball looks like it has the middle zipper compartment and two open compartments.
  14. Thanks for all your insightful comments! Does the Ball hold more than the medium? Also, black or dark brown in terms of color?
  15. I would go for the Larger woven hobo, if not then the ball bag, then the smaller hobo. I say the smaller hobo last only b/c it can't be comfortably worn over the shoulders where the 1st two can be. But if this doesn't bother you, smaller hobo is a great choice too b/c it looks nice proportionate wise than the larger one I think.