Which Bottega Flats? Please help me pick!


Which Bottega Flats do you prefer?

  1. Noce Jeweled Flats

  2. Limo Jeweled Flats

  3. Fantasia multi-colored coiled thong sandals

  4. Bronze chain loop thong sandals

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  1. Please kindly help me pick a pair of flats :girlsigh:

    1) Noce Jeweled Flats (I'm borrowing dervilfal's lovely pics):


    2) Limo Jeweled Flats: same as pictured above but the noce colored leather parts are all limo colored (pale grey) and the stone colors are pink (quarzo), green, white and brown (from the SA's memory)

    3) Fantasia Multicolored coiled thong sandals (see my attachment photo)

    4) Bronze chain loop thong flats (not on sale)

    Thanks so much ladies!
    bottega fantasia.jpg
  2. LOL - guess we'd know which ones I liked ;)
  3. I like the Fantasia. I've seen IRL - it's darling and very flattering on...and on sale! 'Nuff said. :smile:
  4. Will you have a chance to try them on? Not as much fit to sandals, but I always go for comfort. I like #3 the best, but they all are winners.
  5. While The Big Bunny voted for #3, TBB must remind you that he is also sponsored by Teva sandals. Big Bunny endorses these for hopping through the rough conditions of the outback.
  6. I love both 3 and 4; very chic!
  7. 3 and 4 -really cute!
  8. Fantasia is my choice as well. However, I prefer more the brass chain one rather than the multicolored coiled one.
  9. honestly, i've seen the first one on a girl when i was buying my many pairs of shoes this season, and it looked fantastic on her. however, when i tried them on, they were lackluster.

    then, i tried on the bronze chain sandals (#4) and they were dazzling due to the metallic design, and they'd go great with summer whites and anything else (i had jeans on and they made them look so much more chic). i didnt get them b/c I got heeled sandals that i could wear to work.

    however, when i went to another bv store, they had (#3) which i didn't see at the previous store, and when i tried them on, i really liked them, and the 50% off price even more. so i bought them, and hopefully, nymph will be posting them up soon. :smile: if i could, i'd buy the bronze chain one too, it's just so comfy and sophisticated.

    i never saw #1 in the stores, but bottom line is, you really have to try them on and see which ones fit you the best, and then if you can narrow it down to one of the 2 styles, then it'll be easier to pick.

    one more note, the jeweled flats i feel look more flattering on younger(ish) women, while i'm in my 30s so i like the slightly more sophisticated look of the thong sandals.
  10. I like the Fantasia and I like BV on sale! :smile:
  11. [​IMG]


    Btw, think #4 is sold out on NAP UK site - unless you managed to nap one ;)
  12. I like #4 since gold is a versatile color you can wear easily. It was recently on sale on the NAP site, but most of the sizes were sold out.