Which Botkier is best?!

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  1. Please help me decide between a med. Trigger and a Stirrup Botkier bag and which color! These are not the colors I would be getting! I would be getting them in either Cognac (med brown) or metallic Chestnut (dark brown) and in solid leather, no suede.


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  2. the second in cognac.
  3. Congnac, Trigger :smile: I have the clyde, similar to the Trigger, and I enjoy it.
  4. sorry i made up my mind: the first in cognac. in the other post i am advicing you to get the pearl botkier and it is nearly the same shape as this one so i would avoid to buy two bags of the same shape-
  5. For color - you should defnitely go with metallic chesnut! The cognac is too flat and boring for me.

    For shape, I think you should go with the Trigger if you want to carry a lot of stuff. If you want a slimmer bag, go with the stirrup.