Which botkier bag would you buy?HELP!

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  1. Perfect descritption! Just about what I carry! I just ordered it!!!

  2. Trigger in metallic pearl
  3. Inky did you get the pearl trigger? We'll be twins!
  4. Thank you ladies for your help and opinions...With soo much frustration I decided to go with the Cognac Clyde because it is a basic color and I've been eyeing it longer than the trigger bag. Hopefully it will look good on me since I have never tried it on before in person! I hope this bag will hold me for now until I purchase the damier speedy 30 in may/june!lol lol:nuts: :nuts:
  5. I just snatched up the Clyde in Cognac. :smile: Since my (rather short) stay here, I've become really interested in the Botkier line ( and I REALLY loved the Clyde bag). So- I almost had a heart attack when I woke up this morning and saw that the bag I adore was ONLY $325. :smile:

    Now I'm anxiously awaiting it to come in the mail!!!!

    Does anyone else have the clyde bag? and if so do they like it?


    ^^^ hey! we both picked up the same bag! :biggrin: ( haha sorry :smile: I'm not trying to steal your bag-buyig thunder!)
  6. Don't worry about it Dani! I am glad someone liked the clyde since so far in this thread it has been mostly votes for the trigger!lol:biggrin:
  7. I did thanks to your recommendation! :biggrin: I wanted it and had emailed Botkier about when and if their winter bags would go on sale and hadn't heard anything back and today saw that they were on sale! Peral is the only color I wanted the bag in so yippie!!!

    You live in SF? I was born there! Too cool!

    Thanks agian!
  8. haha, yess! :smile:

    I'm SO excited to get mine!!!!!
  9. Does anyone know if the color of the cognac holster is going to be the same for the cognac clyde?
  10. i LOVE LOVE LOVE my botkier bags...I have the clyde (which is huge IMO) and medium trigger luxe in oliver....I am 5'3 and the medium is a perfect size for me...I actually have to look around to find more stuff to stick my bag!