Which botkier bag would you buy?HELP!

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  1. Ladies I need your honest opinion! I wanted a botkier bag for soo long and now there is finally a sale on www.botkier.com! Which design should I buy and what color? Is this a good deal or is there a better place to purchase at? thanks ladies!!!!!
  2. i don't know about other places with deals on botkier, but if you post some styles you like we can give you a hand.
  3. Well I'm waiting on a Holster bag. It looked nice and roomy at NM.
  4. The Botkier sale is probably the best deal you're going to get on their purses... In terms of color and style... The Safari is attractive, but I don't know about that color, the metallic baby pink. I really like their cognac, but it's only available in the Holster and Clyde. Not sure if I'm really into either style.

    What about the Luxe Trigger in the metallic pearl? That's a nice style with a nice color for spring....
  5. Hey Love:amuse:

    I saw some botkiers for the spring line I thought was cute, I personally like the eastwest satchel (the bigger one) and the lexi bag in these two colors!


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  6. Ladies I am soo sorry I don't know how to post the actual pictures but I will give the link:


    I like the medium trigger and the clyde. In the clyde what color is pretty top u and is it too big? Does anyone have one? how do you like it?
  7. Well, in terms of what is on sale, I kind of like the medium trigger in the metallic pearl. It looks like a muted metallic, so you might be able to get more wear out of it.
  8. I would go with the Holster in cognac, or the Trigger in metallic pearl.

    If not on sale, the new East/West bag and the Lexi are nice!
  9. I have the medium trigger in metallic pearl and it's wonderful. Carrying it today. It has tons of room but isn't too big, and it's so cute and unique. I have only seen two other women carrying Botkiers here in SF, and I always check out people's bags!
  10. Damn it hurts to see it priced that low on their site :sad: $305????

    I just paid $425 for mine.

  11. i am 5'4-5'5. is the medium trigger going to be too smal for me. (i like big bags lol)
  12. No not at all. It is by no means a small bag, but it is so well-designed that it seems compact while having a lot of room.
  13. hey i have the trigger in a medium i really really love it i have it in kind of a pearly blueish and its gorgeous i cant wait to start using it but im still obsessed with my fendi spy which means ill have to down size the amount of crap i carry around with me before i can start to use the trigger. but get it. espcially if its on sale.
  14. How ,much can you fit into your bag? Someone on a thread I posted very simular to this thread said their trigger wasn't that roomy! Pleae help me decide too. BYW Active Endeveros also has theirs on sale too if Botkier doens't have the color or style you are looking for. I'm looking at one from each site and need to decide fast!
  15. It depends I guess on what you consider a "lot" of stuff. In mine right now is a cellphone, a LV Koala wallet, ipod, Palm Zire device, New Yorker magazine, Coach wristlet with some makeup in it, and my keys. There is still room if I wanted to add gloves, a small water bottle, and an apple or something. But then it would start to get heavy. Luckily its fit on my shoulder is very easy and comfortable.