Which Botkier Bag? Please help me decide

  1. I've been lurking on this site for a while and finally decided to post a thread. I've been searching for a new bag for a while now and just can't decided on exactly what I want. I'm in my early 40's, fairly petite and work in a 'business casual' office in NYC. I tend to be more into classics than really trendy bags and I'm pretty lazy when it comes to switching bags, (even though I have quite a few in my closet!). So, I'd like to get something that I can get a lot of wear out of during the week and weekend. Ready?

    There are three Botkier bags I've been eyeing lately: the Medium Trigger (in Hazelnut or Metallic Champagne), the Medium Bianca (in Black) and the East West Satchel (in Black or Metallic Champagne). What do you guys think? Are there any other bags I should consider?They don't have to be Botkier, I just happened to start obsessing over these lately :smile:

    Here are links to the bags




    Any thoughts or suggestions would be really appreciated!
  2. Tkingnyc, welcome from someone who's a browser not a buyer :biggrin: . Botkier's a good choice but I'll leave it to the other posters to give you their suggestion as to which Botkier they think is best. However, if you are willing to consider lesser-known designers, there's this store in NYC and on their online site you have bags by designers like Kale:

    Please scroll to middle of page

    Kale XL Utlity $498

    Website is

    Or how about a Tano?

    Tano Recliner $165

    Nana Medium Doc $290
  3. Love the first two passerby! OOH! I didnt know lunaboston had the Tano Recliner! Does musthavebags.com have it in yet?
  4. I love the Kale bags -- the leather is really soft! The only drawback is that the ones that I have seen don't have an outdoor pocket (or interior pocket) for cell phone, metrocard, etc.

    I've never been in that store though, and will definitely check it out. Thanks for the suggestion!
  5. I like the first two you listed.

    You said Metrocard - are you in NYC by any chance? I saw some Botkiers at Century 21 last week.
  6. The first- I think the styling works better with its more vertical apperance.
  7. Thanks -- any color preferences?
  8. I had the Medium Trigger and I'll I will say is it is an absolutely gorgeous bag BUT it is very very heavy. I am not petite and I thought I was hauling around a bowling ball. So I sold it. It was very heavy before I put stuff into it but the leather is great and it's very roomy and has alot of hidden pockets under the flaps.
  9. I Like The Medium Bianca
  10. I like the Bianca. I had the medium trigger in metallic chestnut and it's just too heavy.
  11. I like the East/West or the Bianca. The Bianca might get you more mileage, though.
  12. I absolutely love Botkier bags and was so excited to get my medium trigger, but when I carried it it was just way to heavy! And bulky. I sent it back also.
  13. I'm going to buck the trend and say get a Trigger Turbo bag. I had a Medium Trigger bag, and did find it to be kind of heavy. However, the new Turbo bag feels a bit lighter to me. I saw them at Neiman's this past weekend - the leather on the Turbo is softer and somewhat lighter in my opinion. Either way, I don't think you can go wrong if you choose a Botkier, ANY Botkier.
  14. I really like the bianca bag.
  15. I just can't get into the Bianca bag; it looks like a bra to me. I've never owned a Botkier so can't comment on the weight, but I love the styling of both the Trigger and East-west. I love that the Trigger has multiple compartments...assume the E/W does too?