Which bordeaux 05 should I choose?

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  1. i've been seeking a bordeaux 05, and each of the 2 cities i found have something i'm not crazy about. one is in mint condition but treated w/ lubriderm (no auth tags), and the other has darkened handles rated at 7-8/10 (w/ auth tags).

    if i get the bag w/ darkened handles, will sending it to lovinmybags or trying the cornstarch help, you think?

    thank you in advance!:flowers:
  2. Yes, I believe sending bag with darkened handles to LMB would help.

    I bought a bordeaux city and have found that LMB for handles only and cleaner has helped. I tried the cornstarch and am not sure if it helped any more than the products. I will try to post pics. when I get a chance. Also keep in mind that handles tend to look darker in photos (or have you seen the bag in person?) and that bordeauz is a fairly dark color anyway.
  3. What do you mean with no tags?? Is the tag inside the bag gone or just the paper tags? I would choose a bag with no paper tags over one with darkened handles.
  4. thanks citychris ... did you happen to see a big difference between the before and after treating the handles?

    meemie ... the darkened handles bag has the authenticity cards, and the other bag treated w/ lubriderm is w/o the auth cards.
  5. I am going to assume that the authenticity cards are the paper cards that come with a new bag. For me that would not be a big deal if they came with the bag or not if it was from a past year. I have had bags that have had none to only part of them. I would rather have a bag that did not have dark handles then one that did. But that's just me.

    Are you worried that with out the cards the bag may not be authentic?
  6. I'd go for the one treated with Lubriderm in mint condition. I bet it's really nice with the Lubriderm and I'd pick mint condition over darkened handles anyday. I really don't care about the auth cards at all because I buy a lot of pre-owned bags and they often don't come with them.
  7. I should add that my bordeaux city did not have cards. If you're sure it's authentic, I wouldn't worry about that. So then, the only concern is about the Lubriderm, so I really have no idea about that. Quite a few people have treated with Lubriderm and I'm not sure if anyone has ever had a problem.

    I would say there was some difference after using LMB products. However, I also was not unhappy with how the handles looked before them, they weren't too much darker than the rest of the bag.
  8. i haven't seen the handles in person, only in photos. the seller rates the handles a 7-8 from a scale of 0-10.

    i've never used lubriderm on my bbags and wonder how it alters the leather's appearance. the only leather product i've used is ag to spot treat.
  9. pewter & meemie ~ it's definitely authentic. i don't mind the bag not having the auth cards but thought i would add in extra info. :smile:
  10. I think there's two schools of thought. One is that lubriderm works pretty well for spot "moisturizing" treatment and the other - that bbags shouldn't be treated at all and if they are, the shouldn't be treated by hand creams.

    However, saying all that - I'd STILL pick the mint condition one with none of the paper tags/cards and lubridermed, over the one with darkened handles. I think the darkened handles is a much worse than a bag being lubridermed. But that's just my opinion...

    If both of them kind of make you hesitate - perhaps waiting for the next one to come along would be an option? Unless you want that bordeaux city now! :biggrin:

    Good luck with your search/purchase odd!
  11. i'll go with the mint condition cuz i don't like darkened handles at all and there's no guarantee taht LMB's magic will work on ur bag, also sending it in is $$$!! :smile: