Which boots?

  1. I'm going off the suede I think and leaning toward black leather...Idk though, I like them all lol.
    They are to wear only under jeans or pants I think...

    (Does anyone know how these run?)

    #1 Brown Leather

    #2 Black Leather

    #3 Black Patent

    #4 Black Suede
  2. I like the black and the brown leather.
  3. I like #2, black leather. It is versatile and not as flashy as the patent.
  4. brown leather or black suede. i have a pair or black suede boots that are beautiful. it's a different take on black boots.
  5. Brown leather or black suede :smile:
  6. I like the black leather best...close runner up is the brown leather.
  7. In these I like the Black leather ones best. The the brown ones are not bad but I don't much like the suede or patent ones.
  8. i like the #4 and the #1 brown leather...
  9. Brown leather!:yes:
  10. I like the patent!

    I'm a 41 in higher end shoes, a 10 in reva flats and when I tried these boots on the 10 was just a tiny bit big. Hope that helps!
  11. im liking the black leather!