which boots will you pick and what to wear w/

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  1. im looking for a pair of ankle boots- i just feel like i have to have 1
    so....here are some i pick out


    if you have any other suggestion, please tell me. my budget is under 100 (shipped)

    also, what do you wear w them?

  2. Super cute. Would totally wear with tights and shorts; love the Oxford look when paired with a crisp button down. I most frequently pair mine with tights and tunics.
  3. i love the 2nd and third pair of oxfords!!
    may i ask where you got them?

    and what i would wear with them ...
    would be a shirtdress with a highwaisted belt
    or a boyfriend shirt with short shorts
  4. love all the ideas, i love shorts,lol

    check out bebe, pics i got from ebay. search bebe boots
  5. Love the first pair! Would look awesome with a pencil skirt and tights, leggings, a mini dress or skinny jeans
  6. Love the first ones (white) - would wear with voluminous tunic dress, cinched at the waist with a wide belt and bare legs!
  7. I like the first with the cap toe. really cute.
  8. I like them both, but you would definately get more use out of the second pair.
    I'd put them with black or gray cigarette pants and maybe a batwing top with a low back, for an alternative semi-evening look. Or for something more everyday, a bright, solid button-down with short, puffed sleeves.
  9. I love the first and third pairs! I'd wear them with a shirtdress kinda like the ones Marc Jacobs came out with.. the ones that look kinda schoolgirl-ish?
  10. love the first pair! and i agree with missmustard wear them with shirtdresses!!!
  11. geeze, i shouldnt post the question, now i want all 3, lol
    thanks guys
  12. I like the white with the black toe out of the three. I really just can't get into this look, but they do look good on the super skinny.
  13. I think the laced black and white pair look hot - although the look may be seasonal so the black lace-ups might get some use in later seasons. I think these type of boots look great with skinnies or with a well fitted high-waist skirt!
  14. which ones did you end up taking?? do we get modeling pictures?? :smile: