Which boots do you like better on me - pics

  1. A while back I posted about which boots I should go with between the Belle by Sigerson Morrison flat boots or the Lanvin flat boots, both in black. I now have both in hand and need to send one pair back. I think I have made a decision, but would love some input!

    Here are the Lanvin flat boots on me:
  2. Sorry but cannot see any photo. Use the 'Manage Attachments' button to select a pic from your PC.
  3. Cannot get my pics to load. Sorry guys, any suggestions on how else I can post pics? Thanks.
  4. First make sure the file you want to upload is either a GIF file (max size 97.7Kb), a JPEG file (max size 195.3Kb) or a JPG file (max size 195.3Kb).

    Go to the 'Additional Options' box , below the 'Message Box'.

    Select 'Manage Attachments', within the 'Attach Files' box.

    Select 'Browse', which allows you to find the file on your PC.

    Once you have selected the picture file press the 'Upload' button.

    That should work. If it does not, let me know where it all falls apart.

    Good luck :smile:
  5. Thanks for the info. It looks like the size of the pics exceed those limitations. Is there any way to reduce size? Thanks.
  6. Depends what system you are using. Basically you need to bring up the picture and find the 'Resize' option. Sometimes it's a sub-set of the 'Picture' option, along the top.

    When the picture is just the thumbnail (ie. before you click on it to bring it up) if you press the 'Right' mouse button and select 'Properties' it will show you how big (in Kb) it is.

    Keep trying, I'm sure you can get it to work :tup:
  7. Hope this works! Will do Belle in separate post. Amateur:p

    Lanvin1.jpg Lanvin2.jpg Lanvin3.jpg
  8. Belle by Sigerson Morrison:
    Belle1.jpg Belle2.jpg Belle3.jpg Belle4.jpg
  9. If you are interested in a male opinion, I much prefer the Belles on you.

    Glad you got things working ok.

    PS. Incase your wondering, the only reason I joined the forum was to find out a lot more about Louboutins. I was buying my wife a pair for Xmas and a pair for her birthday (12th Jan.) so needed info on sizing etc.

    These are the ones I bought her, but she does not know yet! Hope they fit her :s
    Drapanova.jpg Cravtouza.jpg
  10. I like the Lanvin boots more but the Belles look like they fit you better. My vote goes for Belle
  11. The Belles, definitely!!
  12. panrixx - you have one lucky wife, what a sweet guy:smile: Thanks for your expertise on loading the pics and also thanks for the vote!

    I feel that the Belles fit me better as well although the Lanvin boots are beautiful. However, for a $560 price difference (got the Belles for 25% off at Revolve) it's feeling like a no brainer.
  13. the Belles look amazing!! and the price sounds definitely right
  14. I guess I'm the oddball but: They both have a lot of room in the calf area. Do you plan on wearing them with jeans tucked in? If not, I think you can probably find boots that fit better.
  15. I plan on wearing them with whatever they go with. I actually tried them with skinny jeans and it was not the easiest thing in the world to put on b/c the boots are pull ons and the pics might make it look like there is more room around my calves than there really is. The Lanvins are def way to big around my legs...

    I have tried dozens of styles the past two years with little luck. Last year I was successful in finding a pair of tan boots by FRYE that weren't too big and this year the Belle at a 13" circumference, may be the best I can do without having custom boots made for.

    Open to suggestions though.