Which boots do I keep? Prada or Chloe?

  1. I'm having the toughest time deciding which boots to keep. Both are dark brown but the Prada's are suede and the Chloes are soft distressed leather. I love them both.

    Which ones should I keep? tia





  2. They are both cute! I like the shape of the Prada pair better but suede is very hard to keep looking nice. I would be afraid to get them wet, dirty or scuffed. I really love the Prada pair though!
  3. I think I like the Prada pair better -- the Chloe pair is a little too western-like for my taste.
  4. Thank you both! In my heart, I'm leaning toward the Prada. But I love the Chloe's leather. lorihmatthews.......you hit the nail on the head when you said the Chloe's were too western. I was feeling that too but I thought I was imagining it because they're not cowboy boots. Thanks again!:tup:
  5. I love the Pradas, Cracker. Also, I think Prada makes a much more comfortable shoe (boot) AND I've been eyeing those Pradas like mad!
  6. i prefer the prada, i'm not into too western cowboy kinda boots that the chloe looks like
  7. Exactly what i was going to say.
  8. I`m a minority but i prefer the Chloe`s. I like the shape and the leather. Also I don`t like the big Prada Logo.
  9. Chloe...I tried these one...they are SO cute!!!
  10. Hmmm this is a tough one. I see the western vibe of the Chloe pair, which I don't like, but then I agree with the others that the suede pair might be a pain to keep clean. I'm going to go w/ the minority and say keep looking b/c it does not seem you love either since you are questioning both pairs. When you are spending that much on a pair of shoes, you should definitely LOVE them right?
  11. I like the Chloe's and they will be easier to mantain.
  12. I like Chloe!:heart:
  13. I vote for the chloe - for one I'm scared to death of anything suede in the winter.
  14. I like the Chloe better for the style and material. Suede is quite delicate, you have got to baby them.