Which booties do you like better?

  1. I'm deciding between these 2, which one do you like better?


  2. i like the first one better, but the second one looks more comfortable to wear...if comfort doesn't matter to you than you should get the first one!
  3. I like the overall look of the 2nd pair better...I was wondering though, with ankle boots is it preferable to have a wider opening around the ankles? Or would it be more comfortable to have them more fitted?
  4. I like the second pair better. Not as flashy as the first pair.
  5. the first one!
  6. Though they both seem great, the first pair is SOOOOO HOT!!! :drool:I love the gold plate in the front!
  7. 2nd one.
  8. I love the first pair. The gold is hot.
  9. The overall shape of the first pair is much sexier, but the second pair looks more comfortable. I still like the first ones better!
  10. the first one
  11. I like them both, but it depends on what your wardrobe is like. Obviously the first ones have more style, but it depends on what your personal style is.
  12. The 2nd ones are more practical

    But those 1st ones are bad AZZ!
  13. The first ones are surprisingly comfortable and easy to walk in, believe it or not. They have a platform. The second pair I have not tried on, would need to order them. They seem more practical and a little more casual while the first ones look too dressy, right? But I can't get over how $^%$ HOT the first ones are, they're out of control!
  14. FIRST ONE! FIRST ONE! FIRST ONE! Like wordpast said, the 1st ones are BADD AZZ!! the second one is a nay for me.
  15. I'm not too crazy for the Guccis. I have the Miu Mius and they're quite comfortable! :tup: