Which boot would you get?

  1. I can't decide...what do you ladies think?

    chloe boots.jpg

    Kors boot.jpg
    Michael KORS

    Comfort is a big deal for me and I love the style of both...:shrugs:
  2. They are both nice-but, I would go for the Chloe
  3. chloe all the way they are stunning
  4. They are both a bit too busy to me.
  5. Kors! the Chloes were done to death last year & now the high street is filled with cheap copies.

    I love the brogue detailing on the Kors. Its perfect with Tweed, or cord, even suede. They would look just tdf! with a silk skirt & tweed jacket. They are understated & classic, the Chloes are too 'Jack Sparrow' for me & I really don't think you'll get much more than this winter out of them. the Kors, with minimal detailing, won't date, certainly not as fast as the Chloes.
  6. I like the Kors, but I have calves that are kinda thick and muscular. So the belt would make me feel like I was accentuating that. Also the subtle details on the Kors make it a real classic.
  7. kors!
  8. The Chloe. I like the detail better.
  9. Chloe..hands down..They are an investment..BUT worth it!
  10. Thanks you ladies for all your comments! :flowers:ParkAvenuePrincess may have swayed me on the "Jack Sparrow" comment...and I kind of agree now that I think about it.

    Will probably go for the KORS this time around but definitely will keep my eye for another CHLOE that cathes my eye. Either way, can't wait to get my new boots! :yahoo:
  11. chloe...all the way..
  12. I like the Chloe b/c it has the buckle. love buckles!
  13. CHLOE!!!!! I love it. I saw it on Saks.com and I want it so badly. You can not go wrong with it
  14. I prefer the KORS pair!!

    Looks more classic IMO :smile:
  15. oooh I love them both!! but I think I'd go for the KORs just cuz I think your can wear them longer..not as trendy, but I love the detail on the chloe!