Which boobie should go?


Which boobie should go?

  1. Indigo

  2. Ink

  3. Black

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  1. I must sell one of my 3 boobies and am having a hard time deciding which one...

    I've got:

    - Indigo
    I'm almost certain I'm keeping the Indigo as I've already used it 3 times and I find the color too yummy. I'd also like to get a Teal Twiggy or First at some point and I think they'd look great together.

    - Ink
    The Ink I got to match with my Ink First but finally I think the Indigo looks better with it. I'm not sure I'm fond of the boobie being the same color as the bag. I know most people here prefer the matching boobie but I think I prefer a contrast - though that may just be cuz I'm used to seeing the Indigo with my Ink and my eye is just not used to it.

    - Black
    It just matches with everything so it might be better to keep it... or is black boring? I think it would look great with reds and wines...

    Please help! If I had my way I'd keep all three but I can't!!
  2. Hmmm, it seems that the Indigo boobie is the one you're really attached to. I would sell the Ink if you have to get rid of one, but would also wonder whether you need the black... you fear that it's boring black... the boobie seems like such a fun shape, I would think it should be a fun color.
  3. I figured that ink and black might be too similar, and that it would be better to keep the black and the indigo to match with other things:smile:
  4. keep the indigo and sell the ink
  5. ditto. So I vote for black. And it might be easier to find when you want to get another, compare to indigo or ink.
  6. I vote for Black...since it will be easier to find ...again ;)
  7. Def keep the indigo, my vote was to get rid of the ink. You dont seem too hung up on it! Im like you I prefer a contrast to my bags and black will go with all your brighter bags like reds and still look really stunning.
  8. Your post just inspired me to do a little test:

    I put the Indigo and the Ink close to each other and they look VERY similar, then I put the Ink and the Black next to each other they look similar too while the Indigo and the Black look different side by side.
  9. Then, sell the INK one, no doubt :yes:
  10. Yup, sell the ink :smile:
  11. I would sell the black.
  12. I guess ink since you seem least attached to it:shrugs:
  13. AARGH!!
    I just visualized the Ink boobie with a Bordeaux or a Grenat and I'm pretty sure that combo would be TDF!! Here we go!! This is why I need your help - I'm already in the process of trying to convince myself I should keep all three... :noggin:
  14. let the ink go :p
  15. You seem less attached to the ink so I would say ink.