Which Blue/Year is this bbag?

  1. Can anyone shed me some light please? Which blue and year is this bbag? Thanx!
  2. French Blue! S/S 07
  3. Thanks for posting LVBlast...I forgot about that pic!!!
  4. Man that bag is hot!!! Seriously making me lust after electric blue again LOL
  5. It looks alot darker though than French Blue really is in real life....I think they photoshop/
    oversaturate the colour.
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. It would be great if the EB turns out this saturated!! :rolleyes:
  7. wow gorgeous blue
  8. FB didn't end up looking like that, but if EB turns out to be like this, I will honestly need so much EB in my life. That color is breathtaking
  9. I really hope EB ends up being like that bag!! i am in love with that color!!
  10. That does look a lot darker than French Blue in IRL.
  11. If EB is like this I am in such trouble... eeeek!
  12. i wouldn't care if it was rh, ggh, or gsh. i just want eb!! :hysteric:
  13. It looks darker than FB IRL but FB photographs differently depending on the light conditions/flash. THe FB PT from NM was nearly the same as the pic above.
  14. Do any of you know which style this bag is???
  15. It's a part-time with giant hardware :yes: