Which blue...Thalassa or Blue Jean?

  1. Which goes better with jeans (or is more neutral in general)...Blue Jean Clemence or Thalassa Blue boxcalf? Is Thalassa Blue box even available these days for SO? Thanks!
  2. I would have to say Thalassa Blue is probably more neutral than BJ. I would love to own that color some day. *sigh*
  3. They've brought out Thalassa Blue again this season, but only in certain leathers. Epsom seems quite prevalent.
  4. Really? As in this season, do you mean available for order (or already ordered in Feb.)? Just epsom or is box back??? :graucho:

  5. Blue Jean goes really well with jeans! But that Thalassa Blue is yummy too. I would love to own something in TB Box myself! Good luck!!!
  6. have you thought about brighton blue at all? It's also great!
  7. Either would be great! I just don't know if you are goign to be able to find Thalassa Blue in box (unless on eBay)! Actually, there is a Thalassa Blue Box Kelly on eBay now- not sure if it is authentic though.
  8. i've been going back and forth about this as well (lol, not that my purchase is anything close to imminent....but i like to obsess). isus has a gorgeous thalassa kelly that i just adore.

    a couple of things to consider - i don't normally love contrast stitching, and thalassa makes the white stitching more prominent than on BJ.

    also, IIRC, someone here sold their thalassa because it blended in too well with her denim - she wanted something to pop a bit, and thalassa didn't do it.

    that said, it's a stunning french blue - i just adore it, and i drool every time i see a pic of isus' kelly!
  9. Great question! I love them both. I think the answer might depend on the individual...what bag style...what leather etc. So gorgeous!!!
  10. Can you say HOT???

  11. KB, that is gorgeous!! and reminded me that i once saw a thalassa blue birkin being worn beautifully by a woman at Neiman Marcus. and, as i recall, there was NOTHING about that bag that "blended" in. i have no idea what she was wearing, but my jaw was on the floor over her bag.
  12. OMG...that's sooooooo HOT! Thanks for posting the pic, Kellybag!
  13. Don't forget that it also depends on the leather. My Blue Jean in Clemence does not look like I expected it to look form all the photos I have seen. I've noticed it is lighter in Chevre than Clemence.
  14. i thought bleu jean wasn't available in chevre?? :confused1:
  15. As you all know, thalassa is a deep rich blue and I've never been able to capture it accurately in a picture. It always comes out lighter than IRL. It's much darker than bluejean.

    Not having actually held a Brighton blue piece in hand, I don't know how Thalassa compares to BB. I *suspect* that Thalassa has more of a green undertone and I've always heard it called a deep ocean blue... and that's pretty accurate, I feel.