Which blue jean bag would you pick - birkin or bolide?

  1. I know I am probably wearing everyone out with my blue jean obsession, but can you guys humor me once more? Hypothetically, if you were going to get one blue jean bag, but only one; and assuming, for sake of this hypothetical, that you had a choice between a birkin and a bolide, and that you already had a birkin bag and a bolide bag each in a traditional/conservative color already, then which one of these two would you chose and why?
  2. Birkin, esp if it's togo. i like togo birkins better than togo bolides.

    i LOVE the birkin style. i've always thought the bolide was a teeny bit old fashioned (please don't hurt me, bolide lovers! just my opinion).

    BUT...if the bolide was box leather :love: then i'd consider the bolide cos i think it looks great in box.
  3. birkin. i'm not a fan of the bolide. it reminds me of an lv alma which i'm not a fan of either (though i did see a larger bolide on here today i think and spent a good minute fantasizing it was mine. lol)
  4. By the way, this is really a hypothetical - my life is charmed, but not THAT charmed! Although, I do want to sort this out before bags start actually materializing. My instinct says birkin but I need a reality check here.
  5. Although I love the Bolide I think I'd buy a blue jean Birkin or Kelly because it would look terrific with the hardware (palladium or gold) showing. Very striking with the metal and the blue jean color.
  6. I think it depends on the size, but in general I'd say I'd vote for a Bolide if it is a 31 or smaller. I am a Birkin addict, but I adore the Bolide in colors. I think I prefer Birkins in neutrals/darks (I prefer the 35 cm size).
  7. Birkin!
  8. Birkin- especially if it's bj croc! :love: :love: :love:
  9. I am going to go against the majority and say Bolide. It seems like everyone wants a BJ Birkin. A BJ bolide is sooo different.

    However if somone wants to give a BJ birkin a good home. I am willing to adopt as long as it gets along with my other H bags.
  10. he he he...hey, jedimaster, what about a bj kelly? like quinn's mom? just bolide vs. birkin for now?
  11. Bolide. Here's why I will always love them:

    Hand carry or Shoulder carry
    Has a lock & clochette
    Very appealing shape
    holds quite a bit (my 31s hold: wallet, sunglass case, make-up bag, cell, checkbook, magic wand....etc.)
    Easy access

  12. Bolide! It's such an easy, casual bag to take everywhere. Nothing against the Birkin!
  13. ^^I love Bolides too!! I'm no help.:s
  14. I can fully endore a BJ Kelly! It can be both formal like a bolide and casual like a Birkin....


    Did you want a a structured bolide or a mou?
  15. i know this doesn't help but i think blue jean looks wonderful in the birkin, kelly and bolide. so it's really question of which shape you love the most.