Which Blue?: French Blue or Aquamarine??


Which Blue do you like?

  1. French Blue Part Time

  2. Aquamarine Part Time

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I'm ordering either one, but can't decide which....Which would you pick?[​IMG]
  2. I personally think that the french blue goes better with the gold hardware. However, I like the aqua better because the color is more complex than the french blue
  3. Both of those colors are beautiful....... so it is a hard choice!!!!! However, I did pick Aquamarine because I think it would be easier to ease Aqua into a wardrobe.
  4. Tough decision! Both colors are beautiful.

    However, I would have to go with the Aquamarine!
  5. I think you would find yourself being able to use the aqua more frequently than the french blue. I have a twiggy in french blue and love the color, but I can use my '05 Teal a lot more.
  6. Hmm, both are beautiful, but the french blue as a deeper/richer color that I like a little better!
  7. French Blue!!! Its just stunning!
  8. Aqua!
  9. Aquamarine
  10. Aqua because I think it is an all season and will match more things in your wardrobe.
  11. i just saw the French blue in real life last night, and it wasn't my cup of tea! I vote for AQUA a beautiful, more complex blue like others have mentioned!
  12. Thanks everyone! I decided to go with Aquamarine.....can't wait to get it!
  13. Aqua definitely gets my vote! I looooooooove this color with the GH. Are you getting the GH or RH? The FB with GH is a wee bit too much for me.
  14. I'm getting GH!:yahoo:
  15. definitely AQUA :smile: