Which Blue for my Luisa

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  1. So I emailed Maria today to see if I could sneak in one last bag! I realized I had to have a new Luisa for my upcoming vacation. Rereading my Luisa thread, I remember wishing I had it in blue instead. I wear jeans pretty much exclusively on vacation, so blue is actually a better neutral than my current black Luisa.

    Sooo ... should I do w Tinted Blue or Blue Shine? Blue Shine is only a maybe available.

    I think Tinted Blue is a better neutral, but does it look too black? Blue Shine is a really special leather, but not as neutral w jeans?

    Also, should I go w fabric or suede? I LOVE Ignes suede, and Maria said there's enough Light Blue left , or I could ask if there is Navy left, oh... or Silver Splashed? BUT this bag will be all about traveling and siteseeing, so not going to be careful w it at all. Weight though is not a concern since the Luisa is so small. I'm not sure what fabric is available. I love Yellow w Blue, but the new yellow fabric is lighter and not as much as a pop as I would like. I do like the fabric in my current Luisa, and it's really perfect in my travel bag. So should I just be practical, or go w the beautiful suede?

  2. I'd go with tinted blue for its chameleon qualities. You can wear it with more stuff :biggrin:
  3. Well, this may be of no help, but I just ordered another Luisa myself and may be giving you my choices! I wanted another Luisa to be more casual than my others. Maria mentioned in an email that she had more Pearlized Grey than she needed. So I got Luisa in PG, silver hw, with Blue Shine for the T. I just had to have more of these two leathers.

    IMHO, I think the Tinted Blue, at least in your pics, looks pretty close to black (which you have), and as you said, Blue Shine is pretty special. There's enough for my Luisa, and Maria didn't say anything about only having a little left.

    And, again just my feelings, but I would go for the suede lining. I was disappointed with the Luisa I got with the fabric lining, as it peeks out on the sides of the Luisa and just doesn't look as "special". I might not have minded if it didn't show so prominently. When I asked Maria about blue, purple or grey suede lining, she replied: "Since the Luisa is a small bag, there are more lining options. We have blue (a lighter and darker blue) and also blue-purple. We also have grey." And also "There was no silver splashed blue suede the last time I checked yet I imagine they will have it again."

    Also, as I love my Luisas, just a thought, wouldn't you like to have two leathers? Or am I just making this harder instead of helping?
  4. When I took to the pics last night I was leaning towards Tinted Blue. But today I carried my Blue Shine Josie Max, and now I'm leaning towards Blue Shine.

    Cathy, your Luisa sounds beautiful! I thought about two leathers, but I was thinking of something tone on tone. I actually thought about Navy Sky and Tinted Blue, but theres no more Navy Sky.

    They are actually out of Blue Shine (you got the last of it apparently Cathy!), so getting Blue Shine is dependent on the tannery being willing to sell a small quantity. Maria thought this tannery would though.

    You're right about the fabric. I have purple fabric in my Black Luisa, it does peek out, and I'm ok w it, but don't love it. (on the other hand I love the black fabric in my PG travel bag, go figure!) I wonder what the darker blue she reference is, I hope Navy!
  5. I like the Blue shine and perhaps it's the light, because the Tinted Blue really looks dark, and not really blue at all.
  6. Tinted Blue defintely looks nearly black in small pieces like the pouch, but in pics of larger bags, the blue shows through. But my thinking is the Luisa falls on the small side of the spectrum, so it will photograph black :thinking:
  7. At the risk of adding to the confusion, wasn't there also at some time a beautiful sapphire blue? Not sure how it holds up, matches anything or even if it is in stock, but I remember it being very nice (and probably a color you do not have in your vast Ignes collection).

    Of the two choices you are considering, I would pick the blue shine. The tinted blue is very nice, but it will end up being very close in appearance to your black one.

    Meanwhile, you being able to order another bag makes me want to email Maria for a bag on my wishlist, but I will try and be strong!
  8. I'd say blue shine too! As much as I LOVE my tinted blue Emilia (and it does actually "blue" in such a large size) I agree that there's a high chance that TB Luisa is going to end up looking like a black bag....