Which blue clutch?

  1. Which clutch would you get? Size is not an issue - it only needs to carry phone, ID, and lipstick. Price may be, since I'll want to love it but still won't be using it terribly often. One is Hand Maid by Michelle Frantz and the other is Hayden-Harnett.
  2. Oops, forgot to add pictures! :s
    blue clutch.jpg carryall_cob_med.jpg
  3. can't see the pics :p
  4. I prefer the first one, but they are both very pretty.
  5. I also prefer the first one.
  6. The 1st one is really nice!
  7. i like this one :
  8. I like that first one-I would buy it just because it's 50% off through 3/15.:p
  9. I like the first one. More stylish. The second one is more plain.
  10. I actually like the second one better. I like that it is more structured.
  11. First one!
  12. That's part of my problem!!:p Do I like it because it's on sale and the sale ends in 2 days? You know the pressure - you think, "But I have to get it. When am I ever going to be able to get it at 50% off again?"
  13. Yes, but it's timeless, and I always regret not buying something after the "deal" passes and I had waited for something else to come along. It's usually more expensive!:yes:
  14. Very true. I've done that numerous times.
  15. First one as well